Is The Paleo Diet Good For Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the many “diseases of affluence” so I wanted to dig deeper and find out if we went back to our roots and answer the question “Is the paleo diet good for type 2 diabetes?”

Is The Paleo Diet Good For Type 2 Diabetes?


Did you know that the rate of prevalence of type 2 diabetes has more than doubled since records were started in 1980? The disease officially affects over 400 million adults in the world.


Type 2 Diabetes is one of the biggest causes of death, disability and has a huge economic cost either directly or indirectly. Just to give you an idea, in 2016 alone, over half a million people died due to type 2 diabetes. In Europe, over 40 million euros were spent due to type 2 diabetes.


This has been a challenge for many governments to tackle. A huge amount of research and money has gone into finding out more about type 2 diabetes and how this can be prevented.


A substantial amount of the results point towards regulation of macronutrient consumption by dietary intervention. The diets that have higher protein intake and lower carbohydrates have proved to be better at managing type 2 diabetes.

Using this paper by Jonsson et al as an example…

In this study, Jonsson et al enrolled 15 participants with type 2 diabetes, all over 18 years old. They also ensured to recruit participants that had a waist circumference of over 80 cm for women and 94 cm for men.


The procedure adopted was to teach the chosen participants on how to fill in the sheet below link fig 1. Participants were asked to consume two diets, healthy diet A which contained cereals and grains and healthy diet B containing no cereals and grains (Paleo diet).


Why did the researchers choose these two diets?

To ensure all bases are covered and effectively single out whether adopting a Paleo or Paleo type diet would be beneficial for those as a sustainable diet to manage type 2 diabetes.


The participants were given detailed meal plans and asked not to deviate from this. In addition to this, they were also asked to send photographs of meals to the investigators. They were asked not to change those physical habits for the duration do this study to get the most accurate results.


The researchers wanted to avoid weight loss as this is expected on a Paleo diet. So they arranged a weekly weigh in of all participants. If a subject had lost over 1 kg, their meal plan was modified to increase calorie intake to make up for this deficit. This was done to ensure that weight loss had no part to play in managing type 2 diabetes.


Now on to the diet

Healthy diet A contained fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts, eggs, olive oil, whole grains, low fat dairy products and legumes.


Healthy diet B was a Paleo type diet that was pretty much like the above but with no grains, dairy or legumes.


The aim of this study was to investigate which diet led to better glucose control and management regardless of glycemic index, fibre content and macronutrients composition. This was the guidelines the researchers used to design two 7 day meal plans for healthy diets A and B


Evaluation process.

The starting point was to do a simple glucose tolerance test. This was done by getting the participants to ingest 75 grams of glucose and blood samples drawn and tested for glucose and glucagon levels immediately, after 15 mins, 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. The levels will be a measure of how well the participant can tolerate glucose.
The results of the test concluded that the healthy diet B or Paleo diet was a better way for patients to manage type 2 diabetes.

Ever heard of the term “Insulin Resistance”?

Insulin Resistance is best described as a lack of responsiveness to blood sugar in the face of apparently adequate supply of insulin.


This term was coined by Root in 1929 after studying a lot of cases where certain individuals often with disease such as arthritis who had an inadequately high need for insulin.


The past century has seen the prevalence of insulin resistance in diabetes, infections, obesity, sepsis, arthritis, lupus. Insulin resistance also presents itself in mental states such as schizophrenia.


When looking at several instances of insulin resistance occurring across all the states described above, a pattern emerges.
You can identify insulin resistance as two clinical entities. One that is inflammation with an active immune response and the other that presents itself with increased mental activation.


The History Of Insulin Resistance From Different Perspectives

Table 1 – The History Of Insulin Resistance From Different Perspectives

On the topic of cereals, the next paper I want to highlight investigates…


The Effects Of A Paleo Diet On Pigs Compared With The Effects Of A Standard Cereal Based Diet

Since the incidence of western disease (such as type 2 diabetes, obesity etc) was less prevalent in hunter gatherers on a Paleo diet, Jonsson et al studied the long term effects of the Paleo diet on pigs.


How they did this was to separate 24 piglets straight as they are ready to be weaned into two groups. The cereal group (fed with standard swine feed containing cereals) and the Paleo group (fed a Paleo diet). 17 months down the line, they performed a glucose to tolerance test similar to the one described earlier and specimens of each pig’s pancreas was taken to run an immunochemical test.


The results were interesting…

After the 17 month period, the group of pigs on the Paleo diet weighed 22% less than the group consuming cereals and they also had 43% less subcutaneous fat!


The Paleo group demonstrated a significantly higher insulin sensitivity and lower insulin response than the group consuming cereals. Blood pressure was significantly lower in the pigs on the Paleo diet as well.
This study proves that the Paleo diet confers higher insulin sensitivity, lower insulin response and lower blood pressure when compared to being on a cereal based diet.

In my search to uncover studies that prove diet can be a great way to minimise or be able to manage diseases of affluence such as type 2 diabetes, I came across this great paper by Melnik et al and they have a unique approach and that is use the lessons learned from people who suffer from Laron syndrome.


What is Laron syndrome?

Larons syndrome is a form of dwarfism that is characterised by an insensitivity to human growth hormone. Recently, Aguirre et al did a study on 99 Ecuadorians who had Larons syndrome. These subjects did not developed type 2 diabetes and no cancer when compared with others who had normal insulin and growth factor signalling.


To further prove this theory, a worldwide survey by Steurman et al reported that of the 230 participants with Larons syndrome, none of them developed cancer. This and other related studies and experiments have given us a substantial link between insulin / IGF signalling and how the reduction of this pathway as in the case of people with Larons syndrome is a way to slow down or prevent the prevalence of western diseases which cause exaggerated insulin / IGF signalling.


The following are the studies that support the findings that increased insulin / IGF signalling causes cancer, type 2 diabetes, acne and other western diseases.


Insulin/IGF-1/FoxO signaling and type 2 diabetes – This paper

FoxO1 inhibits b-cell proliferation. Nutritional alterations of b-cell FoxO1 transcriptional activity are predominantly mediated through glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and insulin receptor signaling. Recently, the concept of a “metabolic diapause” has been proposed for the changes induced by FoxO1 to protect b-cells against oxidative stress underpinning the concept of b-cell rest as a treatment goal in T2D. Thus, FoxO1, the convergence point of IIS, orchestrates b-cell proliferation and apoptosis which both are increased in T2D.

Insulin/IGF-1/FoxO signaling and cancer – This paper

GH, IGF-1 and insulin have cancer-promoting actions and raised serum IGF-1 levels have been associated with increased risk of prostate, breast and colorectal cancers. IIS regulates the nuclear distribution of FoxO proteins which are increasingly considered to represent unique cellular targets directed against human cancer in light of their pro-apoptotic effects and their ability to lead to cell cycle arrest. FoxOs are involved in the control of angiogenesis, stem cell proliferation, cel

Autoimmune Paleo Diet Psoriasis

Welcome to Paleo diet for beginners. Last week’s article on Paleo diet rheumatoid arthritis really got a lot of people getting involved and got me thinking, are there any ways the Paleo diet could be bad for an autoimmune disease? Then I came across autoimmune paleo diet psoriasis.

Too many people in the world suffer needlessly from psoriasis due to incorrect or delayed diagnosis, inadequate treatment options and insufficient access to care.

World Health Organization Resolution on Psoriasis, May 2014


Autoimmune Paleo Diet Psoriasis


For some of you, this article may be disappointing or sad to read as we delve deeper into the Paleo diet and the Paleo lifestyle, it’s easy to fall into the trap that the Paleo diet will cure or improve virtually any disorder and autoimmune condition.


A friend of mine from Paleo mom had a completely different story to tell. She had lichen psoriasis and after switching to the Paleo diet, her condition actually got worse!


Wait! Don’t run for the carbs or the Jamie Oliver cookbook!


Paleo mom found a solution. A few modifications of the Paleo diet and she was back on track. What are the modifications, I will get to that in a second.


What is psoriasis a quick look


So I am guessing you are thinking, what the hell is parodiasis? According to Wikipedia it’s a long lasting autoimmune disease that is characterised by abnormal looking patches in the skin (like the image below)


Untitled design (2)

These abnormal patches are red with white scales and could cover even 90% of the body. Patients report that the ‘scales’ are very dry, itchy and in some cases painful.


Psoriasis is not contagious so don’t worry about contact. It’s a genetic disorder and how it works is the defect in the genes causes the patients own immune system to attack the skin cells leading to these scaly patches.


Currently there is no cure for psoriasis (like many other autoimmune diseases) and the only thing doctors prescribe are steroid creams and the usual crap. Diet does help and the Paleo mom explains how she modified the Paleo diet to manage psoriasis


Modify Paleo for psoriasis


First step is to cut out eggs, nuts and nightshades from your diet completely.


The Paleo mom also says, if you have psoriasis, you cannot cheat ever never ever. All dairy must be removed from the diet not even grass fed butter (or any new Paleo additions).


The Paleo mom also recommends only high quality meat that is grass fed to minimise presence of hormones and other chemicals which are harmful for psoriasis. This is expensive but can you really put a price on quality of life?


Her journey took her about 4 months to get rid of her psoriasis. She reports that in some cases it could take 2 months and 2 years in others, it just spends on the person.


I guess, what anyone can take from here is that quality of life can be achieved even after you have been inflicted with psoriasis and you could even possibly cure psoriasis with the Paleo diet but with a few tweaks along the way.

I Appreciate you!

Thank you for reading,

I hope this article helped you understand Autoimmune Paleo Diet Psoriasis. Its crazy how just a few small tweaks in your diet could actually improve the quality of your life.

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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

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Paleo Diet Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hey everyone and welcome to Paleo diet for beginners and today’s article is about paleo diet rheumatoid arthritis. I know I briefly touched on the Paleo diet vs rheumatoid arthritis citing the Wahls experiment check it out if you missed it.


My message is – keep moving. If you do, you’ll keep arthritis at bay.

Donna Mills


Paleo Diet Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am going to share with you today a story sent in by one of our readers, Hayley. This is a story of how switching to the Paleo diet literally saved Hayley’s life from rheumatoid arthritis.


Hayley was diagnosed of rheumatoid arthritis at the tender age of 22 whilst studying for a sports science degree. This is after months of seeing different doctors and begging for help.


She recalls her fingers being so numb that as was almost paralytic, she couldn’t even dress herself. She had to ask her roommate to put her bra on and get her dressed so that she could go and see the doctor.


Some days, it would go away and then other days she couldn’t even unscrew the cap of her toothpaste tube to brush her teeth. This was torture.


rheumatoid arthritis or RA is an autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack its own cells as it has stopped being able to tell the difference between your cells and foreign cells. Currently there is no cure for arthritis and all doctors can do is help you manage this disease by giving you steroids such as Prednisone and other corticosteroids.


Problem with these steroids are the scary side effects. Prednisone for example leads to osteoporosis which will later haunt you in life and also leads to weight gain which is a whole host of a different set of problems to deal with. Other drugs for example have really harmful side effects reduction in white blood cells etc.


In addition to the scary side effects, your quality of life will significantly diminish. I mean, who wants to live their lives constantly having to medicate?


Hayley was on these medications for 2 years. During this time, she could not get pregnant (one of the side effects of one of the drugs she was on). She was overweight, single and now getting clinically depressed.


In 2014, a friend of hers mentioned a sustainable way to lead a gluten free diet by following the Paleo lifestyle. This is when Hayley found me and I shared with her how I felt ever since I switched to the Paleo diet (properly). I told her that I felt less moody, felt full of life and energy and thought she should have give it go. I also shared a story of how a reader called shirisha shared a story of how a Paleo diet helped her husband overcome Theimatoid arthritis.


Hayley consulted with her doctor to check if this is ok and the doctor said he didn’t know! It was clear that the doctors didn’t know what the hell was going on so it was time to try something new.


Hayley turned to the paleo diet rheumatoid arthritis to see if this would help and took the 30 day challenge with us. Her family has been super supportive through this whole process and has been doing the same.


It has been over 17 weeks (when Hayley sent this in) and she is still on the Paleo diet. He flare ups are nearly non existent and she is off her medication to the amazement of her doctors.


Hayley lives a great life now with high quality and not having to worry about when the best flare up will crippled her. Hayley is yet another example of using paleo diet rheumatoid arthritis.

I Appreciate you!

Thank you for reading,

I hope this article helped you understand Paleo Diet Rheumatoid Arthritis. Stories like Hayleys are so motivational and inspirational.

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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

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Dr. Terry Wahls 

Paleo Diet against Autoimmune Diseases

Hello and thank you for reading Paleo diet For Beginners. An Autoimmune Disease is when your body’s own immune system starts attacking yourself! This is a crippling condition that becomes a lifelong ailment with no cure.

I would like to share with you a truly inspirational story of a woman called Danielle Walker who was dealt a bad hand and used the Paleo diet to get her life back from a crippling autoimmune condition.

Paleo Diet Against Autoimmune Diseases

Danielle was admitted to hospital in 2007 unbeatable abdominal pain, bleeding and digestive problems. To make things worse, it was just 2 months after she finished college and got married! She had no previous illnesses and doctors discharged her prescribing some medication without actually knowing what the problem was.


Fast forward two weeks and she was still in agonising pain and it seemed like the medication actually made things worse.


Following further hospital visits, she was diagnosed as having a disease similar to Crohs. She recalls feeling hopeless and alone as Crohns is an irreversible crippling disease that you have to live with for the rest of your life.


Danielle had to now live life accepting that she had Crohs and will never be a mum again. Fast forward a further 6 months and Danielle was rushed to a hospital in Uganda whilst on a humanitarian trip with her husband. She had become anaemic and lost 20 pounds in a mere 10 days! She felt being close to death.


She was sent back to the US as a matter of urgency to get a blood transfusion. These episodes carried on for months and some spells in hospital lasted 4 months! During these spells she was not allowed to see her son!


This was her breaking point. She had accepted that the doctors didn’t know what they were doing and she had enough of these treatments that she started to look at alternative remedies.


No doctor in the world would prescribe changing diet as a treatment so Danielle took matters into her own hands and with the help of a nutritionist, started eliminating food groups known to cause and trigger autoimmune responses.


She came across the Paleo diet. She also eliminated eggs and mushrooms from her Paleo diet for further precautions. She supplemented her diet with supplements similar to these


Danielle saw changes in literally 48 hours!She kept leading a Paleo Lifestyle.

She hasn’t been hospitalised since 2011!


She has dedicated a blog called Against All Grain and shares tasty treats to help people stay on the Paleo diet as sometimes it does get hard to stick to a restricted diet but for people like Danielle, this diet has completely transformed her life for the better!


Imagine how different life for Danielle would have been had she not stumbled on the Paleo diet? She could not have been the mum and wife that she wanted to be.

I Appreciate you!

Thank you for reading, check back next week as I am super excited to share with you my research on how diet affects ADHD and if the Paleo diet could help!


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Paleo Diet To Help Arthritis

Paleo Diet Vs Acne – Study Proves Paleo Diet Clears Acne

Paleo & Diabetes Type 2 Reversal Studies

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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

PS – Before you start on the Paleo Diet, take moment to check out my free eBook. It will save you a ton of time as I share the mistakes I made first time round and how to fix them.

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Against All Grain

Paleo Diet To Help Arthritis

Paleo Diet for beginners investigates the effects of Paleo diet to help arthritis. I have selected two studies for the purposes of this article that prove that diet can actually help arthritis and what are good foods for arthritis. The links to these studies are in the references section below.

This article follows a series of articles that focus on using the Paleo diet to combat ailments. So far I have covered using the paleo diet to clear acne and paleo diet and type 2 diabetes reversal. Follow the links to have a look at them if you have the time.

Anyways, thats enough of me rambling on, lets get to today’s topic



Paleo Diet To Help Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA as its called

Here’s another example how a simple shift in consuming a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle could drastically minimise your chances of developing autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.


It’s sad to know that often the most times someone was to change their diet and lifestyle is only when they hit rock bottom such as being labelled morbidly obese or getting the bad news that they have cancer or diabetes.


In this article, I am investigating the scientific findings that provide evidence that a Paleo lifestyle could actually minimise the development of rheumatoid arthritis and Paleo Diet To Help Arthritis


So what is rheumatoid arthritis?

Paleo Diet To Help Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that that causes your body’s own immune system to attack your joints. This causes inflammation which in turn makes the tissues around the joint swell and cause pain and discomfort.


A study by Terry Wahls and Eve Adamson (called the Wahls protocol) proved that avoiding certain foods and living a Paleo lifestyle made managing an inflammatory condition possible.


A further study by live compared the effects of a standard western diet (high in fat, processed junk and sugar) and the effects of a Paleo diet. The study concluded that subjects on the Paleo diet had significantly lower chances of developing inflammation. Researchers put the figure at a reduction of 33%


Why does the Paleo diet reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis?

 Paleo Diet To Help Arthritis

The Paleo diet comprises of a diet rich in alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods so it’s only natural for a diet such as this to ensure that the body is armed with all the defenses it needs to be equipped for a long and healthy life.

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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

PS – Before you start on the Paleo Diet, take moment to check out my free eBook. It will save you a ton of time as I share the mistakes I made first time round and how to fix them.

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 Heres a video

Paleo Diet Vs Acne – Study Proves Paleo Diet Clears Acne


For years, people believed that Acne was all in the genetics. This is partly true but diet is now a major contributor as well. You will discover why in this article.

Paleo diet for beginners investigates the relationship between Paleo diet Vs Acne from a scientific point of view using a study (link is below in references section). This is a really long and through paper that is confusing so I have taken all the information and condensed it in this article.

Hopefully, this makes it easier to understand.

Paleo Diet Vs Acne

Acne is an epidemic that is strongly related to diet. Several studies have proved that the main food classes that promote acne are high glycemic load carbohydrates, milk and dairy products and saturated fats.

paleo vs acne

Insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is heavily implicated in the formation and development of acne. IGF-1 and insulin are balanced by the transcription factor fork head box 01 (Fox01) and vice versa.


Acne is a result of increased sebum production, insulin and growth factor IGF-1.


High levels of IGF-1 correlates with increased growth of sebaceous glands and associated increase in facial sebum excretion leading to acne.


So what is IGF-1

This plays a pivotal role in sebaceous lipid production. This hormone is responsible for signalling 4 other elements and that is an AR transcription factor (like a signal for lipid production), PPARy receptor (one that binds to the AR factor, a receptor in the liver (where all the magic happens) and a sterol binding protein (to transport lipids synthesis from liver to required locations.


This IGF-1 system is negatively regulated by levels of, Fox01 (This is the balance mechanism)


Fox01 reduces the amount of IGF-1 in the system to reduce lipid synthesis and the pathways that cause acne symptoms.


The amount of Fox01 is reduced by higher levels of the insulin in the system hence why scientists in this study have concluded that low carb diets or diets with low glycemic indexes lead to lower insulin levels and by default lower symptoms of acne as levels of IGF will be low and Fox01 will be higher.

paleo vs acne

In order to test this idea scientists observed a group of subjects on a “normal” western diet and another group of subjects on a Paleo diet for 4 weeks.


The subjects on the western diet exhibited higher levels of IGF-1, facial sebum and insulin leading to formation of acne on their skin.


The subjects on the Paleo diet had higher levels of Fox01, lesser sebum excretion and lower levels of insulin revealing much lower levels of acne on their skin.

Here’s A Video You May Find Interesting

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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

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Paleo & Diabetes Type 2 Reversal Studies

Paleo Diabetes Type 2 Reversal Studies – Here’s 3 Of Them

I have been fascinated by the Paleo diet for about 4 years and been leading a Paleo lifestyle for nearly two years now. Coming from a science background myself (biochemist), I have always looked to scientific studies that prove something before I actually believe it because, numbers don’t lie.

As you have probably read, I have collected over 3000 papers on studies related to the Paleo diet and would like to share with you today 3 really important studies that I came across that really got me thinking that this Paleo diet could actually help. The studies were linked to

Paleo Diabetes Type 2 Reversal Studies

paleo diabetes

Here’s 3 recent studies


In this study, 29 patients that had heart disease and type 2 diabetes were asked to follow a strict Paleo diet for 12 weeks.


The main changes that the scientists observed were big changes in the subjects weight, waist circumference, glucose levels in the blood and plasma insulin levels.


The bottom line was that the patients on the Paleo diet experienced a 26% decrease in blood sugar levels. These patients also reduced their waist circumference by an average of 5.6 cm!


This research proves that a Paleo diet improves one’s glucose tolerance and help with type 2 diabetes.




Now in this study carried out by the department of clinical science, Lund university compared the effects of patients on a Paleo diet and patients on a diabetes diet.


In this study, 13 patients who had diabetes for an average of 9 years each were asked to go on a Paleo diet for 3 months and then a diabetes diet (designed for people with diabetes)


The results are pretty eye opening. They concluded that a Paleo diet was better for glycemic control for the subjects and helped them improve their cardiovascular risk factors.


Scientists at the Lund university actually claim that the Paleo diet is better than a prescribed diabetes diet for patients who have type 2 diabetes.




In this third study carried out in 2014 by the Louis Bolk Institute in Netherlands, researchers aimed to take out weight loss from equation (as with the studies above) so that the effect of the diet alone can be monitored (rather than the effect of weight loss as well).


How they did this was by taking 34 subjects with metabolic syndrome (either type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases) and putting them on a Paleo diet for two weeks. Only 32 completed the study. During the course of the study, measures were taken to keep body weight constant in all subjects so the effects of diet can be monitored without the effects of weight loss.


The results they got was the Paleo diet reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Although they tried to keep weight constant, the Paleo diet caused subjects to lose weight.


In conclusion, the researchers were confident that being on the Paleo diet for two weeks caused the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with forms of metabolic syndrome.


Paleo Diabetes Type 2 Reversal Studies

Is this conclusive enough for you?

Science and numbers don’t lie. Maybe it’s as a result of weight loss but the Paleo diet has proven to be beneficial for those with heart conditions, diabetes and forms of metabolic syndrome.

Here’s an infographic of Diabetes around the world!

paleo diabetes type 2 reversal

So what aren’t more people on the Paleo diet?


Some say it costs too much! Can you really put a price on your health?



Heres a Video Interview Carried Out By The Paleo Doc Herself

I like to think of Paleo as a lifestyle not a diet. For me it’s a way of life and I love it. I wake up feeling amazing and I get through my day feeling amazing. I also sleep really well.


Don’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started, the Paleo lifestyle is easy if you know how.

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