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Snacks For Paleo Diet – Why a lot fail

A lack of snacks for paleo diet is one of the biggest reasons that people fail on the Paleo diet due to not being able to break their old habits of snacking. Why does this happen? It’s because of the lack of knowledge when it comes to snacks for Paleo diet meal plans.

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Snacks for Paleo Diet

When I first started out on the Paleo journey, I failed because of this as well as I just didn’t have any Paleo diet snack ideas due to my limited knowledge. I mean I used to go and pick up a bag of crisps and knew exactly what I wanted but after starting on the Paleo diet, I just didn’t have a clue.


What about Snacks for Paleo Diet Out of the box services?

This is when I started looking for Paleo snack services which are pretty much like graze and the subscription type model of business which was a great idea at the start but quickly got very expensive and wasn’t feasible at times.


Then after falling off the bandwagon a few times, I asked myself, why not make these myself? Now I know this takes a bit more time and effort but let me tell you, this is well worth everything.


The result is that now I have a whole host of snacks for my Paleo diet and I even mix things up for myself to keep things exciting.


Furthermore, I have no fear of consuming non-toxic chemicals that may be present in these snack boxes. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying these companies do that but you never know do you unless you do it yourself. Remember, Nando’s here in the uk served a bit of frog in their salad 🙁


So how did I do this?

A quick search on Google will give you a whole host of snack ideas for Paleo diet. Some are great, some are good, some are just shit and others, well far too complicated.


Simplicity is my game so below, I will share with you my favourite Paleo snack ideas that I have in case hunger strikes and I need to satisfy my cravings.


Snacks are essential when you start off on Paleo but you won’t need that many when you are on it properly

A special note on snacking on the Paleo diet. What you will find after being on the Paleo diet for a couple of months is that the need to snack will drastically reduce and sometimes I only consume 2 meals a day because I was getting all the nutrients that I needed.


It’s easy to fall into the ‘eating fruits and nuts’ trap but if these are not consumed in moderation, you will put on weight and fat so be careful with this one. I made this mistake when starting out.


If I had to choose one nut that I have researched is the healthiest, I would go for the macadamia nuts.


Our friends at Paleo leap make a great macadamia nut hummus which just tastes awesome and replaces standard hummus and is much more healthier.


Another great snack for Paleo diet idea is my version of kale crisps. What you do here is break the kale into small pieces and spread in a baking tray.


Then spray some coconut oil over them and coat with a few crushed soup cubes. I use beef soup cubes and then place in preheated oven at 180C for 12 minutes or until it’s just browning. Voila, kale crisps to keep those cravings away.


This is my go to Paleo diet snack idea.


Remember, a lot of people fail because they don’t have a plan and having some ideas of snacks for the Paleo diet will ensure that you have a plan to succeed.


Trust me, it’s worth it.

I Appreciate you!

Thank you for reading,


I hope this article will help you be prepared for the journey that lies ahead. Snacks for Paleo diet are a great tool to have in your arsenal when hunger strikes.

Next steps

What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear from you in the comments below?

This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

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