The Paleo diet when compared with other popular and mainstream diets


Is the Paleo diet like the Atkins diet?


Ok, so a common misconception is that the Paleo diet is like the Atkins. The main difference here is that the focus of the Atkins diet is a low carb approach. Paleo doesn’t concern itself with carbs, it just happens to be that most of the foods are high in protein rather than carbs.


The Atkins has a strict allowed and disallowed foods list and you HAVE to follow this to the T. The Paleo diet on the other hand has some definite NO’s like trains and dairy but the rest is upto you to interpret, you can go as Paleo as you want.


So, is the Atkins better than the Paleo diet? If you want to lose weight fast, the Atkins diet is the best for you, but it’s a crash diet not a lifestyle. Problem with crash diets is that you will put back all the weight and then some of you all off the bandwagon during a moment of weakness. The Paleo diet is a lifestyle that is sustainable as the focus is not to cut out things like carbs, it’s to consume more natural, quality ingredients.


Is the Paleo diet like the south beach diet or Mediterranean diet?


The Mediterranean and south beach diet are great, they work and similar to the Paleo diet in that they promote consumption of locally sourced ingredients. The Paleo diet doesn’t have calorie counting unlike the south beach and Mediterranean diets. The Paleo doesn’t allow for legumes or grains though. Both diets work but I don’t like to be restricted as to how much I can eat. What about you?


Is the Paleo diet gluten free?


The answer is yes! Gluten is a product of agriculture so the Paleo diet is gluten free.


Is the paleo diet a low carb or no carb diet?


The answer is don’t even think about it. It’s not about how many carbs you take. You will naturally reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you consume as Paleo foods are naturally low in carbs and nutrient dense in others.


Is Paleo a low calorie diet


As with the above, it’s not about counting calories which is the best thing about the Paleo diet as you can literally eat anything (within guidelines)


Would you say the Paleo diet is low glycemic?


Although not planned this way, naturally occurring Paleo foods are low GI anyway which is perfect.


Is Paleo diet a weight loss diet?


Weight loss is just a byproduct of going into the Paleo diet. The thing about Paleo for me is that it’s just more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle for me and it’s sustainable.


Is the Paleo diet a fad?


I think the Paleo diet is a victim of its own success. It has really gone commercial in the last few years and what will happen is that loads of people will try it. Most will give up as they don’t have the right guidance and resources (like this one :)) and then they slate it all over the Internet as it doesn’t work for them. Then Paleo becomes a fad (remember the Dukan diet?)


I like to look at the facts from a  Scientific proof and from a biochemist’s point of view and I think if something worked for 2.5 million years, why would it not work now? Evolution doesn’t happen so fast. Maybe in a million years, we would be able to consume processed junk, I don’t know but Paleo is not just a fad, it’s a lifestyle and I hope millions will keep this going.