Is the Paleo diet healthy?


You do the math. Cut out all the unhealthy crap from your diet and stick to natural, organic food? The abolition of calorie counting and focus on good nutrition will automatically lead to a sustainable diet and will give you all the nutrients you need without having to take supplements.


Is the Paleo diet a diet?


Although this is commonly known as the Paleo diet, I like to look at it as a lifestyle. This does not basically tell you what and how much to eat, it serves as a guideline and its upto you to lead your life the way you see fit. For me, Paleo is a way of life to respect yourself and what you put in your body but cutting out all the crap and toxins brought about by junk nutritionally empty food these days.


Is the Paleo diet expensive?


What’s sad in this world is that it’s cheap to eat unhealthy but expensive to lead a healthy lifestyle. On the Paleo diet, the focus is on more organic foods that are high quality. These often come at a price premium which means they can be a bit more expensive. The question you have to ask yourself is that is this small extra expense justified? Can you put a price on your health?


Is the Paleo diet a clean diet?


This is probably one of the cleanest ways of life around and this is because it guides you to opt for nutritionally dense foods that are free from agriculture and its by products (or close as possible)


Is the Paleo diet dangerous or harmful for health?


There’s always a good way and a bad way to stick to a lifestyle. In the case of Paleo, risks are minimised because the great thing is that it guides you to consume all natural foods, doesn’t permit chemicals, pills or supplements. The Paleo way of life is not calorie dependant so it doesn’t encourage you to have a massive calorie deficit (which is dangerous). So in my humble opinion, I would say that this diet is really safe.


Is the Paleo diet hard? Or easy?


I think it depends on the person. For example, someone with a gluten allergy would find Paleo a breeze as they would not have been able to eat wheat anyway. For me, the hardest part was getting through the first two weeks of the Paleo cleanse. Once I had my routine set, it was easy and as I wasn’t counting calories or wishing the day would end in pain, I would say that the Paleo diet is a relatively easy lifestyle to follow.


Is the Paleo diet good for fat loss.


Fat loss is another byproduct of the Paleo lifestyle and is an added bonus, this is not the focus of this. The Paleo diet is not for you if all you want to do is lose weight to fit into a dress for the party. This is a lifestyle.


More Paleo Diet Misconceptions

Is the Paleo diet high in fat?


You could say that but the fats you will consume are the good ones. Namely the omega 3’s that are essential for good heart health and to avoid diseases.


Is the paleo diet high in cholesterol?


Yes it is as you will be consuming a lot of meat. What goes hand in hand with this is that you will also be consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables which means that your fibre intake will be greatly increased. More fibre has been known scientifically to reduce cholesterol levels so you basically balance it out.


Is Paleo diet high in protein?


Definitely, this is a great diet for bodybuilders or those looking to look great in the beach.


Is dairy allowed on Paleo?


Purists would argue till the cows come home (no pun there, honest) that Paleo man did not keep cows but let’s all lighten up, I personally have a small amount of cheese (from grass fed cows) on my omlette.


No grains on Paleo?


Definitely NOT. This is when it all

Went downhill for man.


Sugar is natural, why is this not allowed on Paleo?


Just to clarify, the Paleo diet allows naturally occurring sugars such as honey and maple syrup. Sugar as we know it in modern times is just simply refined junk that is bad for you.


Is the Paleo diet organic?


This is as organic as it gets! Focus here is on naturally occurring local foods free from chemicals and additives.


Is the Paleo diet practical?


Again, depends how extreme you want to go. I know of people who have sold their homes and live in a cave replicating the Paleo lifestyle, is this practical, for him, yes. For me? No! We are all smart people and its upto us to take an idea and implement how we see fit.


Cavemen didn’t cook food, should we eat raw?


Some camps out there do this, it works for them. I prefer to cook and season my food and I still look and feel good! What will you do?


Is Paleo right for everyone?


I think it is as you can modify it to your tastes, beliefs and goals in life. Unlike other diets you don’t HAVE to eat certain amounts of food or types of food. All you are given are a set of guidelines and its upto you to workout what works best for you.


I am breastfeeding or pregnant, is Paleo safe?


Scientifically, I don’t see any reason why the Paleo diet is not safe during pregnancy or breast feeding, in fact it’s better as you cut out toxins from your system.


Is the Paleo diet sustainable?


Without a shadow of a doubt! This is why I refer to this as a lifestyle and not just any old diet.


Is the Paleo diet unhealthy?


It can be (like everything in life) and its down to us to have the proper guidance to ensure we don’t just eat too much meat and not enough vegetables. Then this becomes unhealthy.


Is the Paleo vegetarian?


I know a lot of people out there cashing in on this phenomenon of Paleo vegetarians or pegans. I frankly don’t understand this because you are basically a vegetarian who doesn’t eat grains, legumes or dairy? That doesn’t make you Paleo?


Is the Paleo gluten free?


Definitively. The Paleo diet is certified gluten free as all grains are cut from this diet, making this quite attractive to people with gluten intolerance.


Is the Paleo diet against religions or the bible?


I don’t think so as we are actually eating what they probably ate all those years ago. The notion of evolution may be offensive to some religions but the Paleo diet on my opinion is not against any religions or unbiblical.