Paleo Diet Gift Ideas

Paleo Diet Gift Ideas – 9 Awesome Paleo Gift Ideas

Welcome to today’s article on paleo diet gift ideas and I will share with you what I think are great paleo diet gift ideas for either yourself or to gift a loved one.


The inspiration behind this article comes after a not so great Christmas experience for my family. The poor guys didn’t have a clue what to get for me as I have given up alcohol, white carbs and I am living a 100% Paleo lifestyle.

“Aww you shouldn’t have” said James to Jenny as he thought to himself what the hell was he going to do with a wholewheat pasta set, he hadn’t eaten pasta in 6 months! Poor James and poor Jenny… Can you relate to James or Jenny?

Paleo Diet Gift Ideas

These paleo diet gift ideas are great for hardcore Paleo diet enthusiasts and even the Paleo diet beginner. So without further ado, here are my top recommendations


Fat burning chef

I have tried a lot of Paleo cookbooks since 2013. Some have been great, some OK and some absolutely shite but the fat burning chef stands out for my as the industry leader for two main reasons. The author Abel James is a big name in the Paleo and fitness movement running the number one health podcast in the United States and the United Kingdom so he has s lot to answer for. In addition to this, this is possibly biggest collection of Paleo recipes in the world as he brings together 28 of the world’s biggest Paleo chefs and their creations all for you.

Check out my Live Video ‘Unboxing’ Review to see what you will exactly get


Bulletproof proof coffee kit

If you or your loved one is like me, you guys love your coffee. What a way to start your day than with a cup of bulletproof coffee?


The concept behind this is really good coffee boosted by what the manufacturers call brain octane oil which contains coconut and palm and is Paleo approved.


What makes this billet proof is that the grass fed butter that increases for absorption rate and gives that massive boost of energy and also melts fat away. Trust me, you won’t know what hit you and you can really take on your day.

Follow this link to find out more


Vitamix creations blender

Ideal paleo diet gift idea for the industrious person who isn’t lazy like me. This person lives to make their own nut butter and smoothies (I buy it :(). This even comes with a cookbook on how to make over 300 butters and smoothies!

Follow this link to find out more


The Paleo diet by Loren cordain

This is a must have paleo diet gift idea for beginners and pros. This is a book you have to have. This is what started the modern day Paleo movement and every Paleo must have this. Enough said.

Follow link to find out more


Promixx 2 hand held Vortex mixer

With the new health kick and it being January, you or your loved ones must be working hard at the gym. If you are like me, you probably hate mixing protein powders. I mean, they get all lumpy end after a bit, they form a sediment and it just makes everything a bit unpleasant.


Not anymore, with a Promixx, you can mix and create the smoothest supplements going all with a Push of a button thanks to its 16,000 rpm power motor. Pretty neat.

Follow this link to learn more


Epic bars

Wow, this is just one of the greatest snacks going. A case of these is a great paleo diet gift idea. You can literally have a snack on the go anytime in your bag or pocket! Pure grass fed meat at your fingertips (and tongue)

Follow this link to learn more


Paleo magazine subscription

One of the reasons that sent me down the right path on my Paleo journey. Great paleo diet gift idea for beginners. It now looks great on my coffee table but it’s a great way to keep up to datw when you are not reading Paleo diet for beginners 🙂

Follow this link to learn more


Paleo treats

If oh are dating or married to a Paleo, you will encounter this problem, you can’t just buy chocolates or cookies anymore like you used to. This is where Paleo treats comes in. these guys are literally lifesavers for guys like me who suck at buying gifts and have had to rely on Thorntons and Cadbury for too long 🙂 great paleo diet gift idea for women or chocolate lovers.

Follow this link to learn more



Pasta and noodles are the first things you kick out when you start on your Paleo journey. It’s only natural for your start craving these avian and here’s a great alternative to pasta and noodles, zucchini pasta! Now with the spiralizer, you can make your own at home.

Follow this link to learn more

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I hope this article will help you be prepared for the journey that lies ahead. Paleo Gift Ideas are great for yourself or a loved one if you are ever struggling to think of anything.

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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

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