Is the Paleo diet good for diabetes?


The Paleo diet has been proven to stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce sensitivity to insulin. Furthermore, the diet involved cutting out processed junk, refined sugars and simple carbohydrates which really helps those ailing from diabetes. So in my opinion it’s a great way to manage diabetes (if you have it) or prevent the onset of diabetes type 2 (if you don’t have it already)


What if you had high cholesterol? Is the Paleo diet bad then?


I know the Paleo diet involves a lot of meat and meat means more cholesterol but if you follow the right meal plans, you will also consume loads of vegetable and healthy fats which have been proven to reduce cholesterol thereby reducing the cholesterol consumed from meat.


What about my heart?


Again although you consume a lot of meat and fat. The meat and fats promoted in the Paleo diet are healthy. The meat is lean and this promotes heart health especially with the omega 3’s


I have acid reflux, can the Paleo diet help?


I have been recently getting into this and the research is proving too conclusive. Many subjects have reported less reflux after as little as 2 weeks on the Paleo diet. This is mainly due to reduction in toxins and consuming what we have fine tuned to consume over 2.5 million years.


I have acne, can the Paleo diet help?


Really excited about this research as wheat has been linked to be a main causative agent of acne. Cutting wheat out has been reported to drop acne or alleviate in many subjects. Go Paleo.


Is Paleo good for arthritis?


Stay tuned on this one. I have not collected enough evidence to support this but there are quite a few positive reports coming out of this exciting field.


I have high blood pressure, can the Paleo diet help?


Since following the Paleo diet, levels of salt in my system went drastically down. This is not due to me consciously reducing the amount of salt I consume but as a result of cutting out processed foods that are always heavy on salt. Being in the Paleo diet also I grades your fibre intake which has several studies pointing towards reducing high blood pressure. In all cases, I would recommend consulting with your doctor just in case so you lay down the right foundation.


What about my skin condition?


Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition caused by gluten in some people. As Paleo is a gluten free diet, this has been shown to alleviate symptoms and keep this condition at bay.


I have read about insulting resistance, can the Paleo diet help?


If you don’t know this already, insulting resistance is caused due to modern diets full of simple carbs and processed nutrients. After years of toxins, the body’s normal response would be to save energy from carbs consumed and converted to fat. Since the Paleo diet, I experienced increased weight loss and studies have proven that insulin sensitivity is increased by subjects on the Paleo diet.