paleo diet against autoimmune disease

Paleo Diet against Autoimmune Diseases

Hello and thank you for reading Paleo diet For Beginners. An Autoimmune Disease is when your body’s own immune system starts attacking yourself! This is a crippling condition that becomes a lifelong ailment with no cure.

I would like to share with you a truly inspirational story of a woman called Danielle Walker who was dealt a bad hand and used the Paleo diet to get her life back from a crippling autoimmune condition.

Paleo Diet Against Autoimmune Diseases

Danielle was admitted to hospital in 2007 unbeatable abdominal pain, bleeding and digestive problems. To make things worse, it was just 2 months after she finished college and got married! She had no previous illnesses and doctors discharged her prescribing some medication without actually knowing what the problem was.


Fast forward two weeks and she was still in agonising pain and it seemed like the medication actually made things worse.


Following further hospital visits, she was diagnosed as having a disease similar to Crohs. She recalls feeling hopeless and alone as Crohns is an irreversible crippling disease that you have to live with for the rest of your life.


Danielle had to now live life accepting that she had Crohs and will never be a mum again. Fast forward a further 6 months and Danielle was rushed to a hospital in Uganda whilst on a humanitarian trip with her husband. She had become anaemic and lost 20 pounds in a mere 10 days! She felt being close to death.


She was sent back to the US as a matter of urgency to get a blood transfusion. These episodes carried on for months and some spells in hospital lasted 4 months! During these spells she was not allowed to see her son!


This was her breaking point. She had accepted that the doctors didn’t know what they were doing and she had enough of these treatments that she started to look at alternative remedies.


No doctor in the world would prescribe changing diet as a treatment so Danielle took matters into her own hands and with the help of a nutritionist, started eliminating food groups known to cause and trigger autoimmune responses.


She came across the Paleo diet. She also eliminated eggs and mushrooms from her Paleo diet for further precautions. She supplemented her diet with supplements similar to these


Danielle saw changes in literally 48 hours!She kept leading a Paleo Lifestyle.

She hasn’t been hospitalised since 2011!


She has dedicated a blog called Against All Grain and shares tasty treats to help people stay on the Paleo diet as sometimes it does get hard to stick to a restricted diet but for people like Danielle, this diet has completely transformed her life for the better!


Imagine how different life for Danielle would have been had she not stumbled on the Paleo diet? She could not have been the mum and wife that she wanted to be.

I Appreciate you!

Thank you for reading, check back next week as I am super excited to share with you my research on how diet affects ADHD and if the Paleo diet could help!


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This is a great reason why Paleo diet for beginners are proud to promote the benefits of leading a Paleo lifestyle

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Against All Grain

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