Fat Burning Chef Review – Live Video Review Unboxing

I have been fortunate enough to have a great relationship with Abel James and his team at Fat Burning man. Abel and his content, that is his books, podcast and website have really helped me stay on my Paleo diet lifestyle.


This is possibly the largest collection of Paleo diet recipes in the World!!! Although this boasts over 150 recipes, it features the collections of 28 of the best Paleo chefs in the world so you will have free access to ALL their recipes as well giving you access to nearly 3000 recipes! Now that is value for money

Abel James and the team at Fat Burning Chef really bring it with an assortment of the best Paleo recipes from around the world. This makes sticking to the Paleo lifestyle very easy as you will never get bored of the same food every time.

I have been on this bandwagon before and fell off it numerous times as I got really sick of eating broccoli and chicken 3 times a day.

I used fat burning chef to get back on the band wagon and here is my unboxing video review

Fat Burning Chef Review – Live Unboxing Video

I decided to do a live unboxing video so that you can actually see what you will get when you buy this.

A lot videos are out there claiming to be reviews but what they do is just say how awesome a product is without actually giving you any value.

My Fat Burning Chef Review will show you exactly how the ebook is laid out and the benefits you will receive from it.

Benefits of the Fat Burning Chef Review

  1. Over 150 exciting Paleo dishes, not just boring broccoli and fish, Abel brings it with caramelised broth brisket with beef jam
  2. Easy to use interactive PDF which are clickable.
  3. Not just one chef, this is a collaboration of over 20 world class Paleo chefs from all different cultures.

Who is Abel James and why you should buy this.

Abel James has a lot of credibility in the industry as a best selling author and radio show host of the number 1 health podcast in the USA and United Kingdom. So you can be sure that this is a quality product and it doesn’t fail to deliver.

Learn more about the Fat Burning Chef here

So from the video you can see that It’s an interactive PDF. It has clickable links that make it easy for you to jump in and out of recipes for easy navigation.

I like the image of the contributing chef at the bottom corner and if you click it you will be taken to their website or blog to learn more about them or follow them for even more recipes to add to you arsenal or recipes.

Abel has a great section on how stokc your kitchen with the bare essentials so that you can literally pick up the book and be ready to cook without having to buy equipment.

The Fat Burning Chef shares Tips on choosing ingredients according to the seasons

Tips on where to source your ingredients for example opting for grass fed meat rather than commercially raised ones.

Now the book goes into must have tools for your kitchen such as a food processor, deep freezer etc. The book goes into detail what you need and why you need it.

Heres a breakdown of what types of recipes you will get with the Fat Burning Chef

31 breakfast ideas

27 snacks, sides and appetisers

11 soups

17 beef main dishes

10 pork main dishes

15 poultry main dishes

8 seafood main dishes

36 desserts

There you have it, a fully comprehensive Fat Burning Chef Review which is a live video unboxing. I hope I have served you well and would love to hear your feedback on the comment box below.

Learn more about the Fat Burning Chef here