Hello and thank you for checking out this article on why everyone should choose the Paleo diet and the benefits of the Paleo diet for beginners as well as advanced dieters.


I have an extensive scientific background and a lot of my work has been in researching diets and nutritional regimes in losing weight and maintaining a healthy balanced diet that is sustainable. Over the course of 8 years I have collected a lot of papers on the Paleo diet and I am satisfied it makes sense as I highlighted earlier in my article about The Origins Of The Paleo Diet that we are evolutionarily adapted to thrive on the Paleo diet and that is consume and digest meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables. We have been doing this for over 2 and a half million years and are good at it. Agriculture has brought about thousands of new products and we haven’t had the chance to adapt to this yet. This is what caused modern day ailments such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.


When I started out as a beginner on the Paleo diet, I did the research first and I was absolutely intrigued, to me it all made sense scientifically and the results were simply worth it. I have never felt better and have a new lease of life.


I have compiled below 15 scientific benefits of the Paleo diet. Don’t take my word for it, do the research yourself if you want to but these are the reasons why I started out on the Paleo diet.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Healthy cell function

paleo diet for beginners healthy cell functionIt is a scientific fact that the body needs a balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids to function properly. Our cells need these lipids to send messages efficiently as the receptors and hormones are all made of lipids.

The Paleo diet gives us the perfect mix of both these fats whilst other diets label all fats as bad for you and deprive us of these fats which then hinders cell function. Omega 3 fatty acids play a huge role in development of cells especially the brain.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Healthy Brain

paleo diet for beginners healthy brainLinked to the above, the Paleo diet is a huge advocate of wild salmon which is the best source of protein and fat. These are extremely rich in omega 3 which plays a huge role in brain development. Studies have shown that these play a role in heart health and is also good for the eyes.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For More Muscle Mass

As the Paleo diet is very dependant on high protein intake. Proteins are anabolic which means theta are used to build new cells and that is more muscle mass. The beauty of muscles is apart from looking great on you is that muscles paleo diet for beginners can gain more muscle massuse a lot more energy to move so if you have bigger muscles it means you will use more energy than you used to. This is great as your body will send energy to your muscles rather than fat cells for storage.


So when you increase your muscle cells you are effectively increasing your metabolic rate which means extra energy will not be stored as fat and will be used as energy for your muscles. See you at the beach 🙂


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Improved digestive health

paleo diet for beginners can avoid breached intestines and have a healthy digestive system

Ever heard of breached intestines? This is more common than you think and this means that the walls have been breached and stuff that shouldn’t come out will leak out. Also known as leaked gut syndrome, this is a result of all the sugar and processed crap that we eat these days.


Why does this happen? Well, the spike in sugar in your system which is as a result of eating refined carbohydrates such as sugars and white bread etc causes a bolus of sugars to be formed that signals an inflammatory response that releases cytokines that attack it and create holes in your gut.


  1. Paleo is the way forward for the circle of life.

The Paleo diet promotes healthy eating and that is from sources that are organic and free roaming. These free roaming animals are good for the environment and great from an ethical stand point. Furthermore, free range, organic animals yield better nutrient dense meat and eggs which is ideal.


  1. The Paleo diet is the best way to get all your vitamins and minerals.

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For vitamins and mineralsHands down this is the best diet to get all your daily requirements. The Paleo diet is possibly the only diet that doesn’t require you to take any supplements.


By having 1/3 of your diet as assorted vegetables, with the Paleo diet, I calculated that you will get all your vitamins and mineral requirements without having to look elsewhere.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet To Limit fructose.

Although fruits are good for you and you should eat them, the Paleo diet restricts this as fructose can cause diabetes and obesity. Studies carried out on mice exposed to large levels of fructose resulted in these mice getting obese and developing diabetes. As a rule of thumb, what worked for me was 2 pieces of fruit a day keeps the doctor away and my fruit of choice is the apple or kiwi fruit.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Increased and better digestion

It’s simple really, when consuming foods that we have been evolved to consume over the course of 2 million years, digestion doesn’t come easier than this. The Paleo diet is the best diet to maximise digestion and absorption, our ancestors have been doing this for millions of years and so can we.


I would recommend the Paleo cleanse as a great starting point to the Paleo diet for beginners. This worked wonders for me and helped me cleanse my body first so I could really experience the benefits of the Paleo diet.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Reduced allergies

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For reducing allergiesThis is linked to the above. Allergies have been linked with agriculture and the rate of introduction of new food stuffs to the market, we simply can’t cope with this which is why people develop allergies, if we went back to basics and consumed tried and tested foods that we have been digesting for millions of years, the prevalence of allergies will drastically reduce.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Reduction in inflammation

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For reduced inflammationOne of the three modern day ailments, cardiovascular disease is caused primarily by inflammation. As mentioned above in point 4 the one about the leaky gut, inflammation is caused by certain foods that accumulate and lead to the release of cytokines by our body. This response causes clots which leads to ailments and worse, strokes.


The Paleo diet has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation due to the high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids present in the diet. Omega 3 is known as one of the good fatty acids and the Paleo diet unlike other diets that restrict fat intake is the perfect option for this.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Balanced energy levels

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For balanced energy levelsThe Paleo diet focuses on foods that have a low glycemic index and that means these foods take longer to digest and the energy and sugars from it are slowly absorbed into the body over a period of time.


Unfortunately diets these days consist of sugar, bagels and other processed crap that are simple sugars that immediately get absorbed into the system leading to spikes in blood sugar levels that give you the buzz of energy. As with everything in life, what goes up must come down and then you experience the sugar come down. These spikes in sugar levels are the leading cause of type 2 diabetes and insulin dependence. This is also the reason why energy drinks are so popular these days.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet To Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For losing weightThe beauty of the Paleo diet is that is its low in carbohydrates anyway and not intentionally. By cutting out all processed crap you will be feeding your system with low glycemic index foods and this means that the food takes longer to digest, it is more nutrient dense and you will eat less which means you will lose weight without even realising. Ever had a Macdonald super size meal and still feel like you could eat more? Although heavy on calories, these processed junk does not leave you full and satisfied.


  1. Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For Higher insulin sensitivity

Benefits Of The Paleo Diet For insulin sensitivityThis is a medical phenomenon that occurs. Take for example, you have been feeding your body processed junk for years. Your body gets accustomed to it and on autopilot uses the energy it needs and immediately stores the rest as fat cells.


A Paleo diet even for a short time has been scientifically proven to increase insulin sensitivity which means that less energy will be stored as fat as a response to sugar in your blood system.


  1. Less disease

Remember when your mama said that you have to eat your vegetables so that you don’t get sick? Well, she was right. Increased consumption of vegetables and fruit has been linked with increased intake of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body’s function and immune response to disease.


The Paleo diet although not perfect is a great way for beginners to get all the essential minerals and vitamins in easily absorbable forms without having to go for supplements. In effect, this will give beginners on the Paleo diet more resistance to disease.


  1. Shrink fat cells

Did you know that everyone in the world has fat. Even the skinniest person. This is because fats are essential for life. Now the difference between a fat person and lean person is the size of the fat cells.


The Paleo diet has been scientifically proven to keep those fat cells in check because it promotes the intake of healthy fats and reduces carb intake and overall amount of calories consumed.


Fats like omega 3 which beginners on the Paleo diet are encouraged to take loads get packed very tightly and are readily available for energy in response to insulin in the system.


Increased protein intake in the Paleo diet also stimulates muscle growth and as outlined earlier, this increases your calorie expenditure and so when your body needs more energy to move those big muscles, it goes to your fat cells and uses the energy there.


Win win!


Again, I planned an article around the thousand word mark and I have already gone over. I could go on and on about the beautiful Paleo diet and why it’s great to start.

I hope these points above are reason enough why your should start on your Paleo diet for beginners journey.


Don’t forget, I haven’t even touched on the benefits of the Paleo diet on your skin, teeth, acne and other problems so really in my opinion, for me this was a no brainier to a healthier, leaner, happier life.

Have I missed anything out? Did I get anything wrong? Would love to hear your thoughts below

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Alfie Mueeth

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