My name is Alfie Mueeth

I started my ‘journey’ (corny, I know) to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle as I was yo-yo ing with my weight and was never happy with my body. I was never obese to begin with, I was clinically overweight which is what the scale at my local Boots said according to my height and weight.

I was also what my friend described as pudgy (everyone needs a friend like that to say it how it is :)). I couldn’t shift the flab especially off my lower abdomen. I tried all sorts of exercise, hit the gyms and then a friend of mine recommended the Paleo diet.

I was a bit critical at first like we all are when we hear about celebrity trends and fad diets. We all know what happened to the folks on the Atkins diet and whatever happened to the Dukan diet :). After being constantly pestered by said friend, I thought I’d look into this.

First impressions of the Paleo diet was that this made sense. I mean think about it, you never hear about obese cavemen (apart from Fred Flintstone). Just look at pictures of your grandparents during their younger days, obesity wasn’t a thing back then. It all made sense. Eat like our ancestors and you are on your way to leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Now here’s where most people would have walked away claiming that this was a waste of time and that times have changed and we have to change with the times!

How wrong this is!

I am a graduate Biochemist and evolutionary Biologist. I am not going to bore you with the geeky stuff but to cut a long story short, our ancestors thrived on this Paleo diet for approximately 2.5 million years, so our body and genes have had time to adapt and fine tune itself to this diet.

Agriculture comes along (about 10,000 years ago). Well, you put two and two together. Do you think we have had enough time to fine tune our bodies to grains or other by-products of agriculture?

I have to be honest with you, the first couple of months were a struggle. I spent the first few weeks doing research and I mean a lot of research as I wanted all the information in front of me and plan my dive into Paleo-ish lifestyle (project manager background coming into play here) I didn’t want to learn as I go as some may put it. Next I put together meal plans, planned my grocery shopping and incorporated an exercise regimen to complement this.

The results were amazing. This has been the best year of my life (so far EDIT 2015 was). I feel so much better in myself. So much healthier and this has affected me in all areas f my life. I can now run up and down the stairs in my house (all 3 storeys) without panting. Play with my kids and just keep going.

I gotta say, the Paleo diet has really changed everything for me. Someone wise once told me, success is a measure of achieving your goal. I feel successful. I lost 8 waist sizes, I have so much energy and I am the happiest I have ever been in a long time.