11 Tips On Using A Paleo Diet Menu To Lose Weight

11 Tips On Using A Paleo Diet Menu To Lose Weight

A quick search on Google for A Paleo Diet Menu To Lose Weight will literally yield millions of results and its natural to just go out, get the ingredients, try the food and lifestyle and the just give up after a couple of days after you get fed and sick.

How do I know this? I am speaking from experience here. I have fallen off the bandwagon numerous times and kept getting back on it by learning from trial and error.

Here are 11 Tips On Using A Paleo Diet Menu To Lose Weight.


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The Paleo diet has been scientifically proven to be beneficial in a multitude of ways including elimination of disease, reducing inflammation and also weight loss so this is a great lifestyle for you to dg right into and reap the benefits.  In today’s article I will share with you tips I picked up from the experts.

Two really important sources that I hold close to my heart are Paleo Mag Online which are probably the only print publication serving the Paleo Community. These guys bring it with awesome content and great insights so this is my number one go to place for inspiration and help.

Secondly, Chris Kresser is a huge influence in my life. He is recognised as a global leader in Paleo nutrition, he is a NY Times best selling author and is just an awesome guy. He is one of the few influencers in the space that I really look up to.


The longer I live the less confidence I have in drugs and the greater is my confidence
in the regulation and administration of diet and regimen. ~John Redman Coxe


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On Calories

There is a lot of information on the Internet claiming that you don’t need to count calories whilst on the Paleo diet. This is partly true but you do have to pay attention to calories a bit.


The good thing about Paleo and why calories isn’t that important is the fact that you will be consuming whole organic foods (if done correctly) so what this means is that it takes more calories to burn these foods so in essence, you eat eat something that is around 400 calories and whole, your yield will be less than 400 calories after you burn it. Now, if you consumed something that is processed (even if it’s Paleo) you may yield more calories as it takes less energy to burn.


Alfie’s tip: Whole foods are the way forward, try not to eat anything that seems to have come from a factory




On being glass half full rather than half empty

It makes me sad that whenever people talk about Paleo, all they can recite is what you CAN’T eat! Why don’t we focus on what we can eat?!


Living the Paleo lifestyle means that you can enjoy is a huge selection of meats, vegetables, nuts etc and you don’t have to count calories (within reason, see point above)


So rather than making yourself miserable about grumbling about the things you can’t eat, enjoy life and focus on the things you can eat.


Remember, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long game here so you gotta be in it for the long run so focus on the things you can do rather than what you can’t.


Alfie’s tip: Why don’t you challenge yourself to try ONE Paleo approved food a day? Something different




On Willpower

This is a big one for me in all aspects of life. There’s a common misconception that in order to be successful, you need to have loads of willpower.


This is actually the opposite. I have come across and dissected many successful individuals and the common consensus is they eliminate the need for willpower.


How do they do this?


Make less decisions. Take for example Mark Zuckerberg. Notice how he always wears the same style of clothes.


Why does he do this?


He is eliminating the need to make a decision and hence conserve willpower.


Steve kamb from nerd fitness lays out all his workout clothes on his bed at night so when he wakes up, he just gets into his workout clothes and is out the door hiring the gym, he is eliminating willpower this way.


Stanford university did a recent study linking obesity to the size of plates and utensils available in homes in the United States. The conclusion was the bigger the plates, the higher the prevalence of obesity. Makes sense doesn’t it? If you had a bigger plate, you’d want to fill up the space.


Take for example crisps. Say you had a huge bag of Doritos, can you put it down after a few handfuls of crisps?


In the above examples, you can simply eliminate the need for willpower by having smaller plates and if you absolutely had to buy crisps (so not Paleo dude), get a small bag.


Voila! Minimise the need for willpower to succeed.

Alfies tip : Why don’t you do this now? Get rid of all the snacks and crap from your cupboards and replace with good whole foods?



On Exercise

Now this is a bit counterintuitive as a lot of people are going to slate me for saying this but the best sort of exercise is as little “exercise” as possible but a hell of a lot of moving.


Paleo man (and woman) moved around quite a bit and got all the exercise they needed. Aim to replicate this. I am not saying start moving boulders and climbing trees (although you could do that) but stay active throughout the day for a great calorie burn Taft perfectly supplements your Paleo diet menu to lose weight.


Modern day exercise and cardio trigger fight or flight stress hormones which doesn’t aid in calorie burning as your body is now focused on either fight or flight. I hope this makes sense?


Read Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint for more information in this.


Exercise is good but there is a point when exercise becomes bad (unless you are a super athlete).


Alfie’s tip : aim for around 10,000 steps a day and don’t do intense crazy cardio but focus more on strength training. Also get a standing desk at work.


On Sleep

Here comes another counterintuitive tip from left field. Trust me, I have been there and done it. Most of you reading this probably have come across the dreaded…


Weight loss plateau!


The party pooper that ruins a great run where you enjoyed dropping 10 – 20 pounds in a short space of time whilst all your friends go green with envy. Then suddenly, it all stops!


You try more exercise, you try eating less but you can’t seem to skate off any more pounds. A trainer friend of mine asked me to sleep more and get rid of phone and computer displays at least an hour before your bedtime.


It worked. I overcame the weight loss plateau and this is one of the pillars of losing weight. So to summarise, you need 8 hours solid sleep, a good fitness routine and a Paleo diet menu to lose weight and you are onto a winner.


Alfie’s tip : Apps like Flux change your screen to blue light at night. This has been scientifically proven to aid restful sleep


On Keeping Your Food Simple

Keep it simple and stupid. The Paleo guidelines make it so easy to follow and as long as you stick to the major food groups, you will be alright.


When I first started, my diet just consisted of broccoli and chicken as I didn’t know any better and slowly after getting my feet wet gradually, I started making the progression to more tastier recipes that were still simple.


For more information check out Fat Burning Chef

Alfie’s Tip: Good organic and wholesome food is not just bland crap. Just try Fat burning chef and some of the awesome recipes which are simple but soooo goood


On Eating Enough

When I first started on my journey to lose weight, I lost a lot of weight and this was unhealthy. At first I didn’t understand why. I was eating more food than I used to but I was getting thinner very fast.


This was due to the fact that when you go on a Paleo diet menu to lose weight, you automatically  consume whole and organic foods which are thermogenic. This means that the body has to expend energy to break these foods down. So the calorie yield I was getting was less than before.


Alfie’s Tip : I made this mistake of not eating enough causing me to drop a massive amount of weight which is also not good. Once you get the hang of it, your body will tell you when it needs more, obey it


On Carbs – They Are Not The Enemy

I can Relate to this as well as carbs have been bastardised by the media and modern society so when I first started on the Paleo diet, I refused to consume any carbs.


This causes a whole host of problems as you need energy from carbs for your daily activities especially if you are being more active.


With this being said, you need to match how much carbs you consume by your physical activity and any surplus means you put on weight and any deficit is equally bad as this leads to exhaustion and even muscle breakdown.

Alfie’s Tip : Sweet potato is my best friend and I suggest you make it yours too. I have this with everything. Its tasty, healthy and is a good carb unlike white starch




On Exercise (Again)

Chris recommends the same thing as Paleo mag here and that is to move frequently throughout the day.


Now this is not always possible if you work in an office at a desk.


So what do you do?


I recommend getting a standing desk and take regular walks. I walk to meetings whenever I can rather than drive everywhere.

Alfie’s Tip : If all else fails, just run and down the stairs in your home, take your kids out for a walk. Rather than watching a season of House of Cards, get up and do something!


On Having A Buddy

It’s hard doing it on your own. I failed a load of times and one of the changes that really helped me was to find a diet buddy, and that is my wife.


This helped me make this major lifestyle change when I make the decision that my life meant more than being a fat slob eating crap and being fat.


Having a buddy helped me try new Paleo recipes together and even plan workouts and activities. Furthermore, going to a restaurant and ordering gets easier when you do with your buddy as you are both thinking along those lines.


Alfie’s tip : if you don’t have a buddy, why not make me your buddy?


On This Being More Than Just A Diet

Using a Paleo diet menu to lose weight is just one of the three pillars to losing weight. The other two are sleep and movement.


Your efforts to lose weight will literally collapse of all you have is a diet and the other pillars are not in place.


Why do you think all this is linked?


Have you wondered that if you are sleep deprived do you find yourself more hungry?

Alfie’s Tip : Make no mistake, this is a lifestyle not just a diet. Embrace it, Love it and always look at the positives so that you can set yourself up to win.



I Appreciate you!

Thank you for reading,

I hope this article helped you understand how to implement Paleo Diet Menu To Lose Weight. These 11 tips from the experts in the field are goldmine and a great start. Worked for me.

Next steps

What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear from you in the comments below?

PS – If you are looking for more Paleo diet recipes, why not check out my Exclusive Unboxing Video Review of the Fat Burning Chef and find out exactly why this could possibly be the worlds largest collection of Paleo Recipes!

Alfie Mueeth

References and Inspirations

Fat Burning Chef


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